The Missoula Food Bank is experiencing a turkey gap and needs donations from the community. Executive Director Aaron Brock says the food bank is about 300 turkeys short of what they have and what they expect to need this Thanksgiving.

“We have gotten more phone calls this year, at this point, than we had at this point last year,” said Brock. “Our goal is to always make sure that every single family and every single person who wants, not just the nutritional value, but also the comfort of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, can have that. We are trying to make sure that we have enough so we can meet that need.”

Brock says they typically accept money donations to buy the turkeys, but at this point the food bank has pretty much exhausted their resources.

“What we really need in this short turnaround is for folks to go to a grocery store,” Brock said. “As they’re buying a turkey for themselves and their family if it is possible, please consider picking up an extra one for a family that might otherwise go without. If you can bring it here to the food bank today or tomorrow, or even on Monday that would be great. We will turn around and get it out to the fair grounds and we will find a happy home for it with a family who otherwise wouldn’t have one."

The food bank will be distributing the turkeys at the Missoula County Fair Grounds on Monday and Tuesday next week.

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