Every Fall many Montanans venture out into the field with the hope of filling the freezer. Sometimes I ponder the amount of money spent to try and harvest an animal and how I could just be better off buying half a beef. But, in the end, it is money spent on making priceless memories. None more precious than harvesting your first ever bull elk.

Ethan Donaldson, of Missoula, recently bagged his first bull elk. On the last day of general rifle season he finally got the job done, and judging by his smile, he couldn't be happier. That joy soon faded to dread as Ethan discovered that his bull was stolen out of his truck over night.

Ethan posted

Though the outlook of finding Ethan's bull is slim. If each of us shares Ethan's post with a friend, the bull could possibly turn up. Especially with a somewhat unique character the antlers have.

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