The pandemic really threw a wrench in many of our plans. Almost like everyone's momentum in life just seemed to stop or slow way down. Leading to a slow ramp-up back to civilized life and the daily grind. This is how Missoula's homegrown metal masters, Walking Corpse Syndrome, must have felt. But, just like a phoenix rising from the post-pandemic ashes, WALKING CORPSE SYNDROME is back with NEW MUSIC!

Prior to the pandemic, WCS was a straight-up flame thrower. In 2018, UK-Based rock mag 'Kerrang!' featured the band in the magazine's "U.S.A: Underground Sounds of America."

Walking Corpse Syndrome are more fun to listen to than your average band that sounds like a sentient meat grinder. Sure, the Montana-based six-piece has all the muscular riffs, bellowed vocals, and deafening blast beats one normally finds in extreme underground metal — but their industrial overtones, bouncing rhythms, and tasty solos make them far more approachable and interesting than a typical chug-along OSDM act. The result feels like metal focused entirely on core values of sonic fury and rabid enjoyment. Calling Walking Corpse Syndrome “metal metal” sounds basic as fuck…but it’s what comes to mind.

Founding member and guitarist Matthew Bile fielded 5 questions from Kerrang! Read the full article to see what he had to say.

We have been excited for the release of Walking Corpse Syndrome's first new song in years. After seeing small glimpses of the new WCS music video being made months ago, we couldn't wait for the final product. THE WAIT IS OVER!

Crack open a cold one and enjoy the smooth sounds of Walking Corpse Syndrom and their new single "THREAT!"

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