Missoula is filled with a colorful array of people and things. You cannot sum up Missoula in one brief explanation. Missoula is comprised of many different neighborhoods. Each with its own offering to the community and is part of what makes Missoula so special.

In this series, we'll take a look at information from the City of Missoula's Neighborhood Profiles for each of Missoula's Neighborhoods, with all data cited below coming from the Neighborhood Profile. In this article, we'll look at the South 39th Street neighborhood.

Where is the South 39th Street  Neighborhood?

The South 39th Street neighborhood is bordered to the south by 39th Street, the northeast by Hillview, and Miller Creek Road to the west. This neighborhood is known for its steep incline as the community gains elevation on the south side of Missoula. With 17.1 acres of open space, 19% tree covered and 4% of the total area is public.

Who Lives in the South 39th Street Neighborhood?

The South 39th Street neighborhood is where many people call home. In fact, 84% of the homes are owner-occupied. The age of homes in the neighborhood are mostly built in the 1950s thru the late 1970s. Only a small portion of the neighborhood is new builds. The median rent on the Northside at $1145 which is substantially higher than the $895 average for Missoula. The median home price in the South 39th Street area is slightly lower than Missoula's average. The median home price is $472,500 while the city median home price is $519,000. The median income at $65,866 in the 39th Street area which is slightly higher than Missoula's median income of $54,820. The median age trends are slightly older at 40.3 years old compared to the city's median age of 33.8 years old. A majority of the residents fall in the 25-34 year range, with the 35-44 age in a close second.

Key Features of the South 39th Street Neighborhood: Beautiful Parks

The South 39th Street neighborhood includes 4 parks and a community garden. Cohosset Park, Honeysuckle Park, Wapikiya Park, and Pheasant Run Park are all located within the neighborhood. The Northside also includes Meadow Hill Community Garden and Meadow Hills Trail. For families with school-aged children, the neighborhood is also home to Meadow Hill Middle School.

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