The Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend went pretty smoothly for the Missoula Police Department. According to police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, there were only a few DUIs.

"Well, given the data I'm looking at, the holiday didn't appear to be much of a factor over the weekend, in fact we may have had less contact with drunk drivers than we might have on a typical weekend, it looks like we had three in total between Friday and Monday morning, and all three were misdemeanor offences," Welsh said.

There wasn’t a lot of family violence either, only one incident involving a husband who said his wife had hit him in the head.

"We had one arrest for Partner or family Assault, in that case a husband called 911 and reported that his wife had assaulted him in their home," Welsh said. "Police investigated and ended up arresting the female, who was identified as 75-year-old Cynthia White."

According to the jail, this is the second Family Member Assault charge for Mrs. White. There were other arrests too, for trespassing and outstanding warrants, but all of the arrests over the weekend were on misdemeanor charges.

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