The number of new flu cases in Missoula County has barely budged in past weeks. County Infectious Disease Specialist Pam Whitney says strains of influenza A and influenza B are popping up in an unusual way.

"In the past, when we started seeing influenza Bs... that kind of indicated that we were past the brunt of it, and I'm seeing a lot of influenza Bs but we're still seeing a ton of influenza As," Whitney said. "Everyone needs to keep washing their hands and if you get the flu, stay home."

Whitney says Missoula County is faring better than many other counties, but there have been some local flu-related fatalities this season.

"We've had two people die from Missoula County, now, these are hospitalized people, if someone has passed away at their home or in a nursing home, I won't know about that right now, but I do know that we've had two people die that were reported through the hospitals and one person was under the age of 65 and one person was over the age of 65."

One of the flu-related deaths in Missoula occurred in the past few weeks. So far, 21 deaths have been reported statewide.

Influenza January 27


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