When you think of a circus, you think of elephants and clowns. Maybe a person walking a tightrope or a man trying to tame a tiger. But, what if your dream of a circus became a complete nightmare? The bright "big top" colors and cotton candy were replaced with the dark and mysterious.

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Missoula is marked as one of the stops for this summer's "Paranormal Cirque." A traveling circus like nothing you have ever seen before.

Circue Italia/YouTube
Circue Italia/YouTube

According to the Paranormal Cirque website

Under this Clown Castle, the black and red big top tent, Acrobats of the Air, Illusionists, freaks, mysterious creatures and all the elements that make one think of a "normal" Circus but that of normal has very little!

A new show with breathtaking implications always poised between fun and the most uninhibited fear that will transport you to a dark world inhabited by creatures with incredible circus art abilities.

A crazy yet fun fusion between Circus, theatre, and cabaret in perfect harmony with the evolution of a show that brings you back to when we dream ... and when we had nightmares and fantasies.

This R-rated circus experience is setting up shop at Southgate Mall from July 5th through the 8th. Children over 13 are allowed with an adult: adult content and strong language. Think of it as part haunted house and part Cirque du Soleil all wrapped up in a giant orange striped tent. Acrobatics and ghouls combined for a paranormal experience.

Tickets range from $20 to $65 depending on your seat. Get tickets here.

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