With Valentine's Day only a week away, those of us who are single are relieved we don't have to rush out and buy a bunch of worthless crap. For some, being single on Valentines day is sad. But, for others, it is a time for celebration.

Thankfully, the Fox Club Cabaret is giving you a chance to celebrate living the life of a single person.

According to the official event page

You're a smart individual!! Girlfriends are far too much work; dinner and movies, pressure to remember anniversaries, talking about their feelings... Skip the stress and hassle!! Come spend a steamy night with the gorgeous, scantily clad ladies at the Fox Club!
Dance specials, drink specials, special main stage events, and lots and lots of skin. Doors open at 7pm. Bring in a picture of your ex to destroy for FREE ADMISSION, or $5 cover.

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