Metal, flesh, gore, and more are on the horizon for your October! Missoula's most gruesome Halloween Show returns with performances from The Illustrated Circus Burlesque and Side Show, Dead Animal Assembly Plant, Hemlock, Blessiddoom, Switch Off Safety, Devilution, and Take No Shit.

The Grotesque Burlesque Carnival of Flesh is on a Friday night this year, October 29th, at the Dark Horse. As usual, the party is 21+, music starts at 7 p.m., and cover is $10 at the door. Tricks and treats include Halloween-themed drink specials, the infamous Wheel of Misfortune, and loads of prizes and giveaways!

Our costume contest is the best show in town with an excellent array of rockstar doppelgangers and some of the most bloody, gruesome getups of the season. Buzz around the internet says that popular costumes for 2021 are Cruella, Harley Quinn (naturally), anything from The Mandolorian, Cassie from A Promising Young Woman, Wanda Maximoff & Vision, the Bernie meme, and Carole Baskin & Joe Exotic, so those are probably the ones to avoid. And please, let's not drag Marilyn Manson into this.

You may have noticed a little nugget of info that none other than Dead Animal Assembly Plant and emeffin HEMLOCK are playing the show!! If you're not familiar, Dead Animal's self-description is:

Life is the real horror-show. The more you see the less you know. Sordid - seedy - sick and depraved. We make the music for the bed we've made. Welcome to the slaughterhouse. We're all a little dead here.
And Hemlock needs no introduction, but you can see what they've been up to on their Facebook page.

Check out these photos of Grotesque Burlesque parties from years past for some inspiration.

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