Thank you for the outstanding Friday night Missoula! Eddie Johnson of Blessiddoom knows how to throw a frickin' PARTY.

The 2016 Grotesque Burlesque Carnival of Flesh was Friday, October 28th at the Dark Horse. The costumes, decorations, bands, Nylon Sisters Burlesque and Grinder Girls were TOP NOTCH, by far the best Halloween party in Missoula.

Big thanks to you for really bringin' it with the costumes and to the Dark Horse for the spooktastic drink menu! Stan SleepingBear as #8, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, won the costume contest and tickets to Candlebox and Dimestock.

The ladies of the Nylon Sisters Burlesque were OUTSTANDING! Can't wait to see them perform again, same goes for the Grinder Girls, dressed as Tweedledum and Tweedledee for the Blessiddoom set.

Most common comments of the night were about how incredible Montana's own Loin Hammer and Hate Spell from Boise were. Most people were there to see Blessiddoom and Universal Choke Sign, but were pleasantly surprised to get their head bang on for all 4 bands. I heard a ton of compliments about the 2 openers.

Cheers Blazers, see you for Dimestock!

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