I'm not someone who typically drinks coffee, but my girlfriend does - which means I've been sent out for coffee runs more times than I can count. Pro tip: never ask someone why they don't simply use the coffee machine at home, it never ends well for you.

A lot of people I know are the kind of people who go out and buy a coffee every day on the way to work - if you're talking $4 to $5 dollars a cup, five days a week - that adds up to about 20 bucks a week, or 80 bucks a month! That daily coffee starts to look more and more expensive.

And it looks like it might just be getting pricier. Extreme frost in Brazil's coffee-growing region is potentially affecting next year's crop, which means that supply will be lower than normal. Which naturally, will make it more expensive for coffee shops to purchase those materials - they're even talking as much as a 30 percent price increase.

And that'll be the case for both local shops and corporate chains, too. Montana Right Now got to talk to a franchise manager for Liquid Planet about the situation, who discusses the possibility of the actual price the customer pays increasing to offset these new costs. We won't know for a while what ultimately ends up happening, but it's a unique challenge that these coffee shops are going to have to contend with over the next year.

Would you pay a little more to keep your coffee habit in Missoula going? Where's your favorite spot to get coffee in town?

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