Recreational marijuana has been legal in Montana for nearly a year now. Starting in 2022, cannabis will be available at retail shops statewide. Soon cannabis will be a household name, which opens up the door for many different possibilities of making money off of it. No, not just growing and selling it. There are far too many "hoops" a person has to jump through to legally grow the crop. I'm talking about smoking accessories and other products.

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Hollywood actor/director, Seth Rogan, has been an advocate for legalized marijuana for many years. He is also a self-proclaimed connoisseur of cannabis. With many of his hilarious movies written and performed completely high, Seth likes to get creative when he smokes. This is probably how he found himself starting his company "Houseplant."

"Houseplant" is a designer pottery and cannabis company. Seth creates one-of-a-kind ashtrays and cups as well as has his own strains of cannabis. The ashtrays were designed specifically for cannabis smokers.

Houseplant | Ashtray Set by Seth from Christina Villaflor on Vimeo.

Now, it appears that Seth Rogan is looking for help creating pieces for the Houseplant line of ashtrays. Adam Field is an artist in Helena, that does a fantastic job with pottery. Adam and Seth became friends after Adam was featured on a pottery segment "Houseplant Presents." Seth wants the pieces in his line of ashtrays to be stunning and one of a kind.

According to an interview with KPAX, Adam says

In a world where we are getting so many things, objects in our lives that are manufactured anonymously or by a large corporation to be able to have an actual individual connected to these objects is important. It's filling a void,

Learn more about Houseplant and check out some of the fabulous designs here.

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