Just recently, we discussed the possibility of Montana bears being trained to fight in combat missions. Although it seems like a bizarre idea, it is not that far-fetched. In fact, there is a story out of World War II that tells the story of a bear named Wojtek (Voy-tech).

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This famous bear was an enlisted soldier in the Polish Army during World War II. Wojtek was an orphan bear raised by soldiers. During the invasion of Italy in World War II, the Polish Army busted through enemy lines with the help of the bear. No, they didn't train him to use machine guns or toss grenades. But Wojtek helped lift heavy objects and supply the artillery regiment to which he was assigned.

Now, it appears that Bears are attempting to start an Air Force. Or shall I say "Bear Force?" Footage surfaced online back in 2017 showing a large grizzly bear climbing on the back of a Cessna plane in Alaska.

According to the YouTube description

In Chinitna bay, we had a curious juvenile bear that likes the plane. This was probably the third or fourth encounter we had with her. The first few times she would just push the tail down, but we were able to chase her off.


Now, it seems it is only a matter of time before we witness footage of bears starting up their own naval force... Wait! That is also something that may be true. Check out footage of a bear caught swimming with a jar on its head.

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