We are nearing the end of summer in Montana. But, judging by the continued heatwave, you probably wouldn't know it. Soon we will be enjoying mild days and crisp cool evenings. For now, it still feels like we are slightly toasted near the surface of the sun. With temperatures expected to reach 100 degrees through the remainder of this week.

Normally this time of year, we really get to enjoy the "fruits" of all the hard summer labor. It is this time of year that we begin to see the best sweet corn. When neighbors start anonymously leaving gigantic zucchini on neighborhood porches. And when we begin to see the sweetest and most delicious watermelons fresh off of the vine. Just beware that those watermelons could be ticking time bombs.

Due to the record-breaking temperatures around the country this summer, people have been reporting a mysterious foam coming out of watermelons. This foam is the result of bacteria mixing with the melon's natural sugars and fermenting. Much like how alcohol is produced. But, a foaming watermelon is NOT something you want to bring to your next backyard party.

According to WGME in Maine

Once the fermentation begins inside a watermelon, it creates the perfect environment for toxic pathogens to flourish, including botulism, E. coli and Salmonella, according to the Fermentation Association.

If enough gas that is produced in the fermentation process builds up inside the fruit, it can cause the watermelon to explode. Cutting into a fermenting watermelon can also result in an explosion.

Montana is not exempt from the possibility of foaming watermelons. If you find a watermelon that is even slightly emitting a foam, throw it away. Or grab a pellet gun, strap on a pair of goggles, and take it out to your front yard for some explosive target practice.

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