It is cold and flu season for many of us in Montana. It seems the cases of flu continue to rise, not to mention reported cases of COVID-19. It always just seems to be a part of life every year that we worry about getting sick. We find ourselves spending more time at our doctor's office and pharmacy, all in an effort to stay healthy and not come down with whatever dreaded illness will strike.

How often does your dog get sick?

When it comes to taking care of your dog's health, how often does your K9 visit the veterinarian? Do you mainly take your doggo on scheduled wellness checkups? Do you take your dog in for the required shots? How about if your dog shows symptoms of being sick?

What if your dog was affected by a deadly disease, yet showed no symptoms of being sick?

A veterinarian in Florence, Montana recently experienced a tragedy in her family. Her 2-year-old dog has to be euthanized due to a mysterious disease, a disease that has no symptoms. A terminal disease called brucella canis?

According to the CDC:

Brucella canis is a bacterium that causes brucellosis in dogs. It can also cause infection in humans. Typically, there is a low risk of infection for pet owners.

If your pet is infected with Brucella Canis, chances are they will never fully recover. Even with costly treatments, your pet will likely need to be quarantined for the rest of their lives. That is just no way for a dog to live. That is why Dr. Maddie Hayward made the tough decision to euthanize her infected dog. Her family tragedy inspired her to raise awareness of the deadly disease.

Dr. Hayward told NBC Montana:

I truly think it is more common than we think. I think it's in healthy pets that they don't look sick, I think it's something that it's spreading. It can spread to humans, and I think there's a bigger risk factor. I think it's here, we just don't know how common it is.

If you want peace of mind knowing your dog isn't infected, Dr. Hayward recommends a screening every 6-12 months. Especially if you plan to introduce your dog to high-risk family members or another furry family member. To raise awareness and help make screenings more affordable, Dr. Hayward is offering deeply discounted prices on screenings at the Florence Animal Hospital.

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