Do you ever recognize another car on your daily commute to work? You know, you are sitting at a light and you notice that one Subaru with the funny license plate you just recently figured out what it means. Or the beat-up pickup with the cartoon urinating on a Joe Biden logo? or how about the giant SUV with the stick figure family on the back window?

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Believe it or not, your bumper stickers may attract criminals.

It appears that you are not the only one who notices these stickers and license plates on your commute. Criminals and thieves are also taking notice. That stick-figure family decal on your vehicle is not just for laughs. It could be giving up information about you and your family.

According to a report from Yahoo

Authorities caution that the seemingly innocent decorations on your vehicle could be broadcasting personal information, including stickers that advertise your child's honor roll status at their school or vanity plates with your name that make it easy to search for you on the internet. Even showcasing the number of family members you have could tip off criminals that you're likely to be away from home during most days or too distracted to notice a potential burglary.

I have personally experienced a run-in with a potential criminal regarding my decals here in Montana. I had a person confront me in a parking lot asking if the car with the radio station logo was my car. When I said "Yes," the person just mumbled something and walked away. Was this person trying to gather information on me or my family? Sadly, it could be a real possibility.

As funny or cute you think these plates or stickers are, if you happen to have stickers, plates, or decals that may give away details about you or your family, authorities advise you to remove them.

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