Montana gas prices dropped another two cents and are back under the three dollar mark, but the big question is how long they can stay that way.

"We continue to see a nominal decrease in gas prices nationwide and in Montana as well," said Petroleum analyst Gregg Laskoski. "The national average is $3.21 a gallon right now. That's down three cents a gallon from a week ago. In Montana, we have a statewide average today below $3.00. The statewide average is $2.98. That's two cents below where we were a week ago, and a year ago we were looking at $3.22 so we are certainly in a better situation this year than last year."

Laskoski said he predicts prices to jump up by mid-January, when refineries will start doing yearly maintenance and the markets prepare for new mix.. The low prices right now are partially due to refineries flooding the market with winter fuel to make way for the production of summer blend gas.

Gregg Laskoski: