The recent cold snap we experienced recently had many of us huddled inside our homes here in Montana. The few frigid days I experienced were spent sorting through closets and cabinets. Between a pre-teen hitting a growth spurt, to an endless amount of Tupperware lids, I had filed up a couple of bags for donations to Goodwill.

It has been quite a while since I cleaned the house and made a donation to Goodwill. In my younger years, when I would bounce around various rental houses, I found myself dropping off donations every time I moved. I remember a few times when certain donations were turned down. Like a perfectly good fish tank and an old tube-style Magnavox television.

According to Goodwill, there is a reason they cannot accept certain donations.

Goodwill employees may decline a donation if it is not in clean or in saleable condition or if they are unable to assist with larger items due to risk of injury. Our employees often help unload donations, however cannot help if (in their judgement) doing so may damage any vehicle, or if doing so is unsafe for them or anyone else.

We are unable to accept due to legal or liability risks, safety or hazardous/universal waste concerns, recycling and/or disposal fees.

If you find yourself cleaning out closets and organizing your home this winter, check out our list of donations you don't even need to bother loading up for a donation drop-off at Goodwill locations here in Montana.

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