It is safe to say that most of us had a close circle of friends growing up. For me, it was a small group of neighborhood kids. We all got together to play. Forming what looked more like an episode of "The Little Rascals." We built forts on a chunk of public land nearby. This fort required an access code to get in. It wasn't a magic word or a number, it was a secret handshake. A handshake that only we knew. A handshake that took hours to perfect in our parent's basements. A handshake that got so involved it would almost make you go cross-eyed trying to remember each step. But, it was our thing. We created it and it showed that we were part of a team.

The Montana Grizzly football players have a similar way of showing their solidarity with their teammates. Whether it be a celebration in the endzone or just a way of acknowledging a job well done. Players have come up with a variety of ways to show some love to their fellow teammates.

Montana Grizzly Football recently posted a video on social media showing how some of the Griz player's best handshakes.

Griz Football kicks off Labor Day weekend, with a home game at WA/GRIZ on September 2nd versus Butler. We also have the big "night game" coming up on September 16th versus Ferris State (the reigning NCAA Division 2 National Champs). And yet another home game on September 20th versus Idaho State.

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