Did you ever get a chance to play with the Evel Knievel "Stunt Cycle?" My brother had one that somehow survived well into the 80's before being destroyed in an epic trash can jump. As sad of a day as that was, it was still a sight to see for a young kid in the 80's.


The "Stunt Cycle" should be enshrined in the Smithsonian. For now, it will have to sit in Topeka, Kansas at the Evel Knievel Museum. Only to get boxed up and moved to its new location in Las Vegas. (Why the museum is in Topeka and not Butte I do not know.)

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The Evel Knievel Museum is moving to Las Vegas in 2025. Offering immersive timeline experiences and even virtual reality. Not to mention a huge vehicle exhibit with everything from the Shark Jump Bike to the Skycycle Trike.

On top of all of this, the museum will also host a crazy new pizza parlor that may be perfect for someone who grew up in the 80's crashing Evel Knievel toys.

According to Eater Vegas

Branden Powers, the guy behind the Knievel-themed Evel Pie pizza shop on Fremont Street, is working on plans for a pizza restaurant within the property. Powers describes the forthcoming parlor as “Chuck E. Cheese meets ’80s metal” with a “Dungeon and Dragons-themed environment.” Pizzas will come served on cracker crusts and beer and cocktails will be poured in Viking horn glasses, goblin goblets, and medieval steins.

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No word on exactly when the massive 32,000-square-foot museum, coffee shop, and pizza parlor will open in 2025. Regardless, I'm ready to book a flight and check it out when it does.

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