The Big Game Day is almost here. A day that I feel is almost as important as Thanksgiving. Why? Because it is a day when we are allowed to pig out on food, and not get judged for it. But, unlike Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is all about the party snacks. There is no real "centerpiece" to a classic Super Bowl menu. I am willing to bet that the closest thing to a Thanksgiving turkey, would have to be DIP. No Super Bowl party would be complete without DIP!

Google Trends recently released data that shows the most searched-for dip recipes in America. They broke the search trends down by state. With each many states having some unique taste.

Buffalo Chicken Dip seems to be the standout favorite. With 12 states searching up recipes for the spicy goodness. The other crowd favorite seems to be queso dip and taco dip. After that, things start to go off the rails a little.

Washington is searching for CRAB DIP

West Virginia is looking up FRUIT DIP

And folks here in Montana are searching for a dip that I have never heard of before. A dip that is known as NO-BAKE PEANUT BUTTER DIP

Google Trends
Google Trends

I immediately had to do as many other Montanans have already done, and I Googled peanut butter dip.

I was surprised at how yummy it looked and that I have never seen it before.

Simply add powdered sugar, cream cheese, and chocolate chips to a bunch of peanut butter. Whip it up real good, and serve with pretzels or fruit.

See the video below for recipe

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