Have you ever bought a new car and immediately started noticing cars just like your around town? Before you bought that car, you never paid attention. Now you see cars like yours everywhere and you think you are part of some exclusive club. Like JEEP owners and their rubber ducks. (ducks? It's some weird JEEP thing. I don't understand.)

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I had comradery with a co-worker because she owned the same truck as me. Nearly identical. The only difference was that one was used as a "work" truck and the other was a daily driver both with the same interior and the same color paint.

One afternoon, I left work in a hurry. I jumped into my truck and put in my keys. I couldn't get it to turn. I was getting frustrated and began to cuss. "Do I need to get a new ignition?" I thought to myself. It was then, that I looked in the backseat and saw horse blankets and livestock feed. "OPPS! This isn't my truck."


I can't explain the panic a person feels when they realize they broke into another person's vehicle without knowing it. I casually gathered my things and exited the vehicle. But not before letting my co-worker know that I tried to steal her truck and she should lock it next time.

A similar occurrence happened recently at Higher Ground Brewing in Hamilton, MT. A customer had left the restaurant and got into his vehicle. He began to drive away when he noticed something was weird. He turned and looked into the back seat, only to see a very well behaved labrador. It turns out he jumped into someone else's car and they left their keys in the vehicle.

The mishap was captured on film and picked up by CBC Sunday Morning before going viral online to millions.

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