Montana is a wide-open place. With a rather small population and so much room to roam, Montana is the perfect place for someone who likes to walk around in their "birthday suit." This is why Montana has been home to a popular nudist club for over 25 years.

Montana is where people like to bare it all with the bears.

The Montana Naturalist Organization was founded in July 1998, in Corvallis, MT. The club quickly grew to over 100 members who all shared the same views on nudity. A club that would get together monthly to simply "let it all hang out." Taking advantage of Montana's wide open wilderness to get back to nature and recreate naked. Hitting up natural hot springs and even the occasional pool party or camping trip.

Unfortunately, it appears that there has been a lack of recruitment for more members to keep the MNO alive and thriving. Call it an abundance of prudes, or simply another reason to blame COVID for something, but the club has recently disbanded.

According to the MNO website, the club folded during the summer of 2021, after the club President announced it online

Participation, membership, and others willing to help run the club was growing thin. We had a great club for 25 years so it was a lot of fun times. If anyone should be interested in restarting MNO please let me know.

Make every day, laundry day!

The club is affiliated with two large national organizations and one international organization. They are the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) which includes a regional organization, the American Association for Nude Recreation-Northwest (AANR-NW), and The Naturist Society (TNS). Through AANR the club also belongs to the International Naturist Federation (INF).

If you think you got what it takes to lead a giant group of naked people, it is time to pick up the torch and carry on. Just be careful not to singe any of your naughty bits.

Contact the founder of MNO via email:

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