As we know, Montana is no stranger to drinking - studies have shown over the years that we actually drink more beer than almost every other state in the US.

So naturally, the next question has got to be - what is Montana's favorite drinking game?

Because there's a ton of them, and they vary depending on where you go. Growing up in New York, we used to play a lot of Kings. And then, coming to Montana, I discovered that Kings has different rules here - I had to re-learn the game just to keep up with everybody!

Because hey, sometimes drinking games can be complicated. Just look at how many rules there are for beer pong.

But my friends and I were always big into Kings and Beer Pong. We also had a fun card game called Up the River, Down the River that turned real messy, real fast. Also, never try to play True American from New Girl, somebody is definitely going to get injured. I speak from experience.

A new study from The Loupe figured out the most popular drinking games in every single state in the US, and Montana's choice turned out to be...

Power Hour is Montana's Favorite Drinking Game

That's right, Power Hour - the game where you have to take a certain number of shots in a certain amount of time, also known as 21 for 21. We were actually the only state in the country to go with that one.

Unsurprisingly, Beer Pong led the way in 13 states, making it the most popular drinking game in the country. Paranoia and Quarters took the number two and three spots.

And hey, a reminder - if you're going to be playing one of these drinking games, make sure someone sober is driving you home.

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