It takes a strong mind and a strong body to live in the great state of Montana. Contestants of the Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid" learned that lesson the hard way. The latest episode of the hit television show aired yesterday (5/17.) The two contestants, one man and one woman are dropped off in the heart of the Montana Rocky Mountains...NAKED. Their job is to survive freezing temperatures and nature in general for 2 weeks.

According to TV Guide

In the frozen American Rockies, snow storms and freezing temperatures force the survivalists to make risky choices with their fire and food sources. An out of control blaze and toxic mushrooms put their challenge and safety at risk.

It is not clear exactly where the survivors were dropped off, but the popular Facebook page "Into the Little Belts" narrows it down to a spot called "Thunder Mountain."

A 28 year old Montana resident, named Dave, is the first to get dropped off at the location. Followed closely by a 27 year old woman, named Sarah, from Hawaii. They must both strip down to their "birthday suits" and survive for 14 days in sub zero temperatures. Both are military veterans, and both have some survival knowledge. Watch the full episode of Naked and Afraid "Snow Daze."

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