Montana Sportsmen For Fish and Wildlife will be celebrating their seventh annual fundraising event at the Missoula County Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 14. 

President Jaala Wickman said the organization got started by like-minded men and women who love Montana's outdoor heritage.

"We're just a group of Montanans who are really passionate about our state and our outdoor activities that we love to do," Wickman said. "We try to represent and work with every aspect of outdoor use, from landowners to fishermen and hunters. WE really like to get kids, veterans, anyone who is passionate about hunting, fishing and trapping out there and enjoying it."

Wickman said one of the points of emphasis in her organization is proper control of predators.

"One of the things we're working on is the effective management of predators, so that we can have a healthy game population with sufficient hunting everywhere in the state," she said. "We really work to find ways to work with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks . Recently we donated $15,000 to work with the FWP to help manage the elk shoulder season. That's to increase access for hunters so they can go on to private lands and hopefully bag some meat for the freezer."

Wickman said the upcoming banquet is very informal and family friendly.

"We love seeing kids, and it's pretty cool that every year we're seeing more and more kids at the event," she said. "We have a fishing pond for the kids, some games they can play. It's all about just getting together, talking and having a good time. We're raising funds for our organization so that Montanans can get out and enjoy hunting, fishing, trapping and all the things that make it Montana."

The event is Saturday, May 14 at 2 the Missoula County Fairgrounds. Admission is $25 per adult, with kids 12 and under free.

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