During our summers here in the Rockies, I spend the majority of my time in the backyard. Whether I'm barbecuing or just shooting my bow, I live for backyard activities. This year I am planning to have a little "backyard boogie" for the 4th of July. Complete with a cheap karaoke machine, partially cremated meat, and plenty of beer. With beer comes the possibility of plenty of refreshing backyard games. Games like "flip cup" or the coveted "beer pong."

I have been entertaining the idea of making a GIANT BEER PONG set for the yard. I have seen them for sale online and am not interested in paying for something that I could probably do for pennies on the dollar. That is why I started researching DIY projects for my 4th of July celebration.

Most of the giant beer pong games use commercial trash cans as cups, but that is just too expensive for me. Not to mention how much room 20 garbage cans would take up in the"off-season" when I'm not using them. So, since I'm "ballin' on a budget," I decided to go with buckets instead. They are cheap and you can customize them to look however you want them to.

Here is how I'm thinking about putting them together:

This backyard bbq hack is perfect for any Montana-style bbq. Plus it is less messy to clean up when you are finished. And you don't have to worry about having to rinse off the ball after it fell in some questionable "mud."

Whether you are partying at the lake or in the middle of a cow pasture. Grab your buckets and a dirty thirty of cheap beer. It is time to celebrate America like a true Montanan.

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