Montana has been a hot spot for filming lately. With a handful of movies and television series being filmed in Big Sky country right now. It is almost like Montana is getting a little Hollywood boost. The hit show "Yellowstone" has been filming right here in the Five Valleys for their entire 4th season. Many Missoula and Bitterroot landmarks are going to be featured on the small screen on millions of televisions around the world. But, Missoula has also be featured on the big screen many times. Some movies going way back to the 1950s. Movies like the 1952 film "Red Skies Of Montana."

According to IMDB

When a large forest fire breaks out in the mountains of Montana, a squad of 'Smoke Jumpers', the paratroop-corps of fire-fighters in the U. S. Forest Service, is flown to the scene from their regional headquarters in Missoula, Montana. The Forest Rangers, under Cliff Mason, put out the blaze, but several of the fire-fighters are killed. Ed Miller, son of one of the dead rangers, thinks he died because Mason was a coward, and sets out to prove it.

Smokejumpers have been as much of Missoula's history and the forestry industry. To think how far firefighting and smoke jumping has come even since the filming of this movie. Watch how the old school smokejumpers did it. Jumping in their World War Two era gear and combating flames with explosives. With filming locations all over western Montana. Including downtown Missoula, Blue Mountain and Nine Mile.

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