The Missoula Police Department is hosting recruitment testing at Sentinel High School. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the event is scheduled for this Saturday, February 23.

“We would encourage anybody who feels they may be able to join our team to give it a try,” Welsh said. “If you have had an interest in law enforcement or think you have what it takes, come down and test. It doesn’t necessarily commit you to anything and it might give you an idea of where you stand in regard to potential career in law enforcement.”

According to Welsh, there will be a written test and a physical fitness test.

“Essentially anyone that has a high school diploma, and is in relatively good shape, should have no trouble completing either one,” Welsh said. “Then the rest of the process continues. There are a series of interviews, background investigations, and other such things that go along with the overall process, until the point where the chief of police makes a decision and somebody may be offered a position here.”

Welsh says check-in is at 7:30 and anyone interested in becoming a member of the Missoula Police Department must pre-register for the recruitment. Those who are interested in participating can register at the City’s website.

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