The summer sun really has a way of bringing out a thirst for MEAD. Especially when you are dressed from head to toe in heavy body armor. Not, to mention your horse is not a fan of your jousting ability. Your page is exhausted from lugging around your broadsword. But, its all fun and games in medieval combat.

Kalispell recently held  the 1st annual Montana Renaissance Faire. With two full weekends of Medieval fun. The fair included everything you could think of, from knights to fairies.

According to the official website, entertainment included

Salt Lake City Crusaders
The Salt Lake City Crusaders fight in real armor with real weapons with real consequences. Full Contact armored fighting at its best!
OPAL the Fairy

Opal is a whismical fae creature that spreads joy through the art of bubbles! 

Thomas Wood, Pyro Juggler
Thomas Wood, the Pyro juggler has been making his living as a showman for the past 20 years perfecting his whimsical art form to the point where he can make a living at it. 
Third Eye Archers

Third Eye Archers are a Horse Archery USA affiliated club based in Sandpoint ID. Bringing together archery and horsemanship for an exciting historical performance.

And that is just a few of the awesome entertainment the surrounded the 1st annual Renaissance Faire.

Our friend Lee Plummer at NW Living and Life, was gracious enough to share with us some outstanding photos from the event. Feast your eyes on some spectacular shots of medieval combat as well as awesome costumes.

Montana Renaissance Faire



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