Marilyn Manson's new album ‘Born Villain’ has been one of the most anticipated hard rock releases of 2012, and now fans can finally get a chance to give it a full listen. While the album doesn’t hit stores until tomorrow (May 1), AOL Music is offering a full stream of the album right now. Click below to listen.

In our exclusive interview with Manson, he calls ‘Born Villain’ his ‘comeback’ album: “It’s difficult to say you want to make a comeback, because that’s admitting that you weren’t what you were supposed to be, not what you used to be, but what you’re supposed to be. So it’s almost the same as in the beginning. A comeback is almost the same as starting out fresh where no one knows or believes in what you are and I had to say that out loud. I have no problem saying that this is my comeback and when I decide on something, I’m determined to do it. I haven’t had that type of energy and confidence simply because I needed to acknowledge that.”

Manson is currently on tour in support of ‘Born Villain.’ Check out our review and photo gallery of his show this past weekend in New Hampshire, and listen to ‘Born Villain’ by clicking the button below:

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