As the temperatures begin to rise, and the sun hits your face, the summer vibes are beginning to kick in. Before you know it, Independence Day weekend will be here. What better way to celebrate our nation's independence than with a good ol fashioned AMERICAN barbecue? It has been a time honored tradition for many Americans to fire up the grill and cremate some food. Another time honored 4th of July weekend tradition, is to kick back and drink adult beverages. That is why the geniuses at BFK Presents dreamt up the idea of combining those two American traditions into one kickass festival.

Saturday July 3rd, the BBQ and Whiskey Fest is set to takeover Caras Park.

The festival will center around whiskey tastings and BBQ trucks. But, what festival would be complete without fun activities? While most Americans find themselves drinking and attempting to blow off fingers with fireworks. Here in Montana, we prefer to drink whisky and throw axes. Yes, axe throwing is one thing you may find yourself doing at the festival.

Now, you obviously cannot have all these things we love and not include LIVE MUSIC. The BBQ and Whiskey fest will include not one, but FOUR talented live performances from bands like:






So start making your 4th of July weekend plans to be at Caras Park Saturday July 3rd from 1pm until 8pm. You wont want to miss the soon to be famous BBQ and Whiskey festival.

bfk presents/facebook
bfk presents/facebook

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