The announcement of Halloween events and parties are popping up all over social media. As soon as the calendar turned to October, more and more parties are being put together. But, one of Missoula's most popular Halloween parties may NOT happen this year.

We have yet to hear if the annual Disco Bloodbath is going to be a thing this year.

BFK Presents has been working tirelessly all year bringing in great events like Sky Church, Logger Days, the BBQ and Whiskey Festival, and the Northwest Margarita Festival. But, it seems that the Disco Bloodbath has grown substantially over the years, and there are just not any venues large enough to hold the event.

According to a discussion on Reddit, it takes a large space to hold the event. Being that it is in late October the event needs to be indoors. The weather can just be too unpredictable to plan an event outside. In the past, the Disco Bloodbath has been held in different large warehouses around Missoula. But, it appears that there are just not many options this year for large indoor venues.

Promotors are saying that they are searching for venues with at least 10 thousand square feet.

How can you help make it happen?

If you can think of a large enough venue that may work for the event, simply reach out to BFK Presents on Facebook and let them know. It can be anything from a giant barn, to an old warehouse or even an old commercial building.

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