A missing headlight wound up leading one man to jail after an officer noticed something a bit fishy during a routine stop around 11:30 p.m. Monday night, Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“An officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle that was displaying only one working headlight near the intersection of South Avenue and Johnson Street,” Welsh said. “When the officer was speaking to the male he asked the driver to step out of the car and noticed a small tin fall from the driver’s seat to the floor of the car. The tin was reminiscent of one typically used to carry narcotics.”

After the suspicious tin fell out on the ground the officer asked to search the vehicle.

“The driver did give consent to search the vehicle and the officer located a substance that he believed to be heroin as well as drug paraphernalia,” Welsh said. “The driver, 31-year-old Marcus Caldwell, was taken into custody and is awaiting arraignment for a charge related to possession of dangerous drugs.”

Caldwell was taken to jail for felony drug possession but was not found to be driving under the influence at the time of his arrest.

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