Meet Oro, a 24-year-old SuicideGirl from Canada who is into naked pool games, motorcycle rides and wrestling.

We’d say that Oro is the type of girl you can bring home to mom, but according to her profile one of the things that gets her hot is ‘your mom.’ Hmmm. That might make for an awkward courtship. Depends on how close your family is, we guess.

Name: Oro Suicide

Age: 24

Location: Canada

Occupation: Multitasker.

Body Mods: A big heart and a tight bum

Gets Me Hot: Music, marginality, the feel of breasts pressing on my back, intelligence, full lips, motorcycle rides, humor, food, wrestling, spontaneity, neck biting, red wine, naked pool games, your mom.

Favorite Position: The hammer

Makes Me Happy: Adrenaline, sarcasm, whiskey, spooning with friends on a camping trip, getting inked, honesty, welding, literature, beautiful women, pirate tales, my bed, learning, old cars and motorcycles, raspberry cheesecake, painting, music, halloween, multiple orgasms, sunny days, rugby and beer, freedom, bare knuckle fights, traveling, kickass movies, respect, being lazy from time to time, black coffee, dirt bikes, people with brains, photography, shoes

Makes Me Sad: Biting the inside of my cheeks, stupidity, Christmas music.

Oro 2

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