On Friday morning I made my regular stop at the Noon's at Russell & Mount for a Powerade, little did I know that it had just been robbed. I thought it was a little strange that there was a truck in the parking lot that's not usually there and there was a big dude inside that clearly knew the female cashier. Didn't think much of it, thought maybe her boyfriend was just paying her a visit. Those overnights at the convenience store are long and boring, I know as I used to rock the c-store biz before I went into radio.

Anyway, I'm glad I wasn't there for the action because the robber was armed. Take a good look at this surveillance photo, it looks like a chick to me, look at those bangs and eyebrows. The report I received didn't say if it was a dude or a chick, only that it was a "lone individual" that pointed what looked like a 9 mm pistol at the store clerk and demanded money at about 2:40 am.

Missoula Police Department Detective Sergeant Travis Welsh says the suspect then fled on foot heading south toward Malfunction Junction with an undisclosed amount of cash. If you have any information about the crime or the suspect, please contact Crimestoppers at 721-44-44.

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