I have never been much for hiking. When someone approaches me and asks "Hey K.C., wanna go on a hike?", I look at them like "For what?". For me hiking is pointless unless I have a fishing pole, rifle, bow or a frisbee in my hands. When I need to get out into mother nature in the summer and cant afford to skip town, I love me some FOLF. If you have never played frisbee golf, it is pretty self explanitory. Its golf with a frisbee (DUH) instead of expensive clubs and a ball. And best of all, its FREE.
Recently Pattee Canyon's course opened for the season. I have played it a couple times so far this year and my fat ass dog has gotten his share of exercise. I like Pattee Canyon because it is an easy beginners course, but still challenging. It is also a wooded area with plenty of shade and the course is set up so you dont have to wear yourself out getting from hole to hole. For the most part, it stays pretty level. But with the cold wet spring we have had, the grass is super tall. And if you do not have your game somewhat together, it could eat a couple of your discs. Hole #2 ate a pair of my Oakley sunglasses (if you happen to find a pair)
I guess what Im saying is: Get off the couch and go enjoy summer. Folf is a good way to get out and enjoy Western Montana.
Directions: I-90; exit 105, south 1 block to a right on Broadway, to a left on Higgins, 2 miles to a left on Pattee Canyon Rd. to the top of the canyon and a left into the picnic area. Follow the well defined trail at the NE corner of the parking lot about 1/4 mile to tee of hole 1.

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