2024 will mark my 9th year of living in the Bitterroot Valley. A move that I do not regret in the slightest. I was immediately welcomed into the community and had no problem meeting friends and neighbors. One of my only complaints would have to be the lack of options when it comes to eating out.

Businesses in the Bitterroot Valley have been experiencing the same problems as Missoula. Seeing a bunch of small businesses come and go over the years. Just check out some of the places we have lost in Missoula that we wish we could bring back.

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When I first arrived in Stevensville, there were a handful of options for take-out and dine-in. Most of those options included pizza. Meaning I had to choose between pizza or pizza.  Don't get me wrong, I like pizza. Just not that much. Thankfully, some other options started to pop up.



Now, for my go-to options for places to eat in Stevensville.

The always fantastic Mission Bistro launched shortly after I arrived. But, the price point of the menu doesn't work with my poor radio DJ salary. It is more of a celebration destination, than a "I don't feel like cooking tonight" spot.

CJs Den and Kodiak Jacks are some other options. But, when you have takeout 1-2 times a week, their menu starts to lose its luster. But, they do have decent prices and options to eat something other than just pizza.


Up N Smokin Barbecue opened up shop in Stevensville in 2020. Which was a personal favorite of mine. Offering award-winning BBQ including my favorites (BBQ burrito and BBQ nachos.) Unfortunately, Up N Smokin announced they were closing and moving to Hamilton. Thankfully it did not take long for someone to take over Up N Smokin's former spot on Main Street.


A popular Hamilton food truck has moved to Stevensville and opened up a "brick-and-mortar" location.

Amor & Tacos is NOW OPEN at 201 Main Street in Stevensville. Which is exciting for me, because it is something other than pizza and burgers. I had not tried the infamous taco truck when it was in Hamilton. But, judging by the menu at the new location, my family is in for a treat.

Amor & Tacos had a soft opening earlier this week. I sampled some of the limited menu. My favorite was the carne asada macho burrito. Not to mention their house-made red and green sauces are outstanding.

Amor & Tacos is now offering up the full menu, as they transition from a taco truck to a full-blown restaurant this week. Not to mention their hours of operation are great for someone like me who likes to procrastinate on whether or not I'm cooking dinner.

ADDRESS: 201 Main Street, Stevensville MT. 59870
PHONE NUMBER: 406-625-2561
HOURS: Monday- Saturday 11 am- 9 pm, Sunday 11 am- 8 pm.

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