Once again! It pays to be part of the Blaze University. If you happen to know Anthony Francesconi. You may wanna call him up and ask him what his plans are for Sunday. Odds are he will be enjoying his new 42 inch TV from Riverside Pawn and Lounging in his new recliner from Bitterroot Furniture. As well as munching on some serious grub from Subway.

Blaze University members get the hook up on all sorts of RAD S#!T. If you are not a member of the Blaze University, sign up here. You still have your chance to enter to win a V.I.P table at either the Lucky Strike or The Rustic Hut for Sunday's game. Just to sweeten the pot, you can also get a $100 tab to use towards food or drink. Enter here. Winner will be drawn on Friday.

Until then. Check out another cool "Man Cave" like what Tony won.


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