My tree has only just begun to shed. In a typical fall, I have found myself raking the entire yard a minimum of 3-4 times. After a while, a person really starts to resent the Fall tradition of raking. Thankfully, Popular Science, released a full write up on the benefits of NOT raking your leaves this Fall.

According to the article, simply mowing your leaves could lead to a healthier and fuller lawn come this Spring. Why? Well, the mowed leaves essentially create a mulch. That mulch will feed your lawn nutrients all winter lawn. When Spring arrives in 2021, and the snow begins to melt, your grass is already gonna be ready to go.

There is a catch however. You need to make sure to do this before the leaves get wet. When they get wet, they will stick together and make a thick barrier between the sun and the grass.

According to Popular Science

This process is known as mineralization—throughout winter, microbes consume carbon stored in the leaves, casting aside nutrients in the process. These nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and sulfur, are essential to grass growth.

Practicing this method, rather than raking your leaves, can result in a lawn that is greener, thicker, and denser. Not only does this create an aesthetically pleasing yard, but it also allows your grass to practice its own lawn management.

So fire up the mower and get yourself a beer. Taking care of the leaves is going to be so much easier this year.


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