Ravalli County's Public Health Nurse has resigned. Karyn Johnston made the move Thursday, July 23. Johnston has said that the mask controversy was not the reason for her resignation. She had been in that postion since November. That makes three resignations at the Public Health Department in the last few days. Ravalli County Public Health Officer Dr. Carol Calderwood gave her two weeks notice after the County Commissioners and County Sheriff issued their response last week to the new statewide facemask requirements. That response said in part, "Private business owners may choose to enforce the Governor's Directive." Luann Burgmuller, who had retired as Public Health Nurse in 2017, had been back in the office helping with the COVID-19 pandemic. She resigned this weekend.

The Ravalli County Board of Health will meet Friday to discuss the situation. Calderwood, in her resignation letter, said she would be available to give advice to the Public Health Department following her resignation.

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