It sounds like another case of science fiction becoming reality. A news story out of Ohio may have you wondering where Jon Connor is hiding. According to the Vindicator, a man was shot in both shoulders by his Maytag Oven. But how?

According to

Robin L. Garlock, 44, put his revolver in the broiler of the oven for safe-keeping because children were coming to the house, Warren Police Detective Wayne Mackey said Monday.

But his girlfriend decided to do some baking Sunday night, apparently unaware of the firepower below the oven.

The heat of the oven eventually caused bullets in the gun to explode, Mackey said. Either two bullets or bullet fragments struck Garlock in the front of each of his shoulders, Mackey said.

The police were suspicious of the gunshot wounds at first, but after further investigation it appears that Garlock's story was legit. BEWARE THE RISE OF THE MACHINES!

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