I have always been a sucker for a good sandwich. Going back as far as I can remember. I recall making sandwiches as big as my head with my Dad after school. I would ask for an after-school snack, and my Dad would bust out every piece of meat and cheese we had in the fridge and start stacking it on bread. At times our sandwiches would resemble something straight out of the old "Dagwood" comic strips.

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Just about anybody can make a sandwich. But, to make a GREAT sandwich, it all comes down to the ingredients. Each thing you add to a sandwich needs to complement the other ingredients. Almost like creating a piece of art. When it all comes together, you have created a masterpiece.

Tagliare Delicatessen in Missoula are true sandwich artists. Drawing inspiration for their art from a music genre that is near and dear to my heart. These Italian-style deli sandwiches are all inspired by rock n' roll icons. Everyone from KISS to Led Zepplin to Sublime can be found on the menu board at Tagliare.

When I first discovered Tagliare Deli in Missoula, I settled on the Megadeth sandwich. My reaction to the first bite was like I saw God. Solidifying the creation as one of my all-time favorites in Missoula.

Tagliare has gotten so popular that they have recently opened a 2nd location in the Old Sawmill District.

Stop in and try a sandwich inspired by one of your favorite rock bands. And, if you run into one of my childhood buddies, Matt or Kira, tell them KC sent you.

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