According to a new report, the next generation Xbox will include always on internet functionality to prevent play of second-hand games.

Sources revealed the information to Edge, adding that the console would shift its focus to primarily digital downloads of games. Retail copies would still be available in the form of 50GB Blu-ray discs, however, those would require a certification process to be completed through the console online. That process would tie the game to the individual console. It appears console owners with multiple user accounts would not have to purchase individual games per account.

This isn't the first time rumblings about internet connected DRM security measures in connection with next generation consoles have made the rounds. However, that these rumors persist so close to the anticipated reveal of the Xbox 720 is troublesome. Until Microsoft makes it official though, there's still a chance this feature won't be part of the Xbox 720. It would not only burn consumers, but also retail partners who thrive on the used games market. Whatever lies ahead, it will be an interesting reveal to be sure.

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