If you haven't been to Frugals yet - might I suggest the BEAST MODE when you're deciding which burger to go with!  That'll get you double the bacon and double the cheese!  And don't forget to add a shake......yep...they have huckleberry.

But seriously, if you haven't been to Frugals yet, the menu is right HERE!

As I drove past Frugals today I saw the message on their sign talking about 10% off with your concert tickets.  As somebody who frequents concerts I immediately thought that sounded pretty awesome and imagined all the meals I would save money on!  But I thought I better get some clarification on what the details were.  I figured there would be some restrictions on what shows, how much the tickets cost, and such.

Turns out it only applies to the Shinedown concert tonight at KettleHouse Amphitheater.  But the offer to save 10% is good for TODAY (8/20) and TOMORROW (8/21.)

Now, we just need to talk EVERY restaurants into offering discounts with a ticket to any show around town and we'll be set!

2515 Brooks Street

Sunday-Thursday:  10:30AM-10PM
Friday-Saturday:  10:30AM-11PM

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