Well, it's happening again. Gasoline prices are about to skyrocket in Montana. Let's see if we can't save you some of your hard-earned money with these easy tips.

I can hear my father in the back of my head telling me to put the tailgate down on the truck before we hit the road. It was once thought that with the gate up, it would create drag, causing lower gas mileage. Well, that myth got totally busted and all those years, we were losing money on this idea. Let's get some tips and tricks that actually work.

Handy Apps: Want to find out where the cheapest gas is? How about a trip calculator to budget for gas prices? There are many great ones like Gas Buddy or Waze that will most certainly come in handy. Check out the Forbes top 5 list here.

Proper Tire Inflation: This is a big one, kids. Making sure your tires are inflated to the proper psi will make them last longer, which will save you money there, but also increase your gas mileage from .06% - 3.0%. That definitely adds up over time.

Use The Recommended OilAccording to the Alternative Fuels Data website, using the manufacturer's recommended oil will improve your fuel economy by up to 2%.

Slow Down: You know when you are at a stop light and you are running late and the light turns green so you hammer down on the accelerator? Ya, don't do that. This is one of the quickest ways to drain your tank. Accelerating at an easy steady pace will conserve fuel by a large margin. The same goes when you are on the interstate. If you can, keep a constant speed so you aren't constantly speeding up and slowing down. According to CNET, slow and steady wins the race.

Tune Up: Making sure your vehicle is running at top efficiency will not only extend its life but get you more bang for your buck at the pump. We have a ton of great auto shops here in Missoula, and they will be happy to get your rig running 100%.

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