Okay...Save yourself the time of trying to think of an argument on how this proposal could never happen. You may not believe in Bigfoot, but there are a lot of people that do. There are also tons of folks that think the earth is flat, and aliens live among us. Before you leave the "who cares" comment in our Facebook feeds, know that there are people who do care. And, those people are actually proposing a legitimate hunting season for the mythical creature.

According to Fox News

On Wednesday, Rep. Justin Humphrey (R) introduced House Bill 1648, urging the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission (OWCC) to establish a "big foot hunting season.".

YEAH! This guy is serious. Humphrey represents a portion of Oklahoma that has a large number of Bigfoot sightings. This area in South Eastern Oklahoma even hosts an annual Bigfoot festival.

At first glance it seems ridiculous, but my guess is that the bill is proposed as a possible way of creating more revenue from hunting permits and license fees. However, the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission isn't buying into the idea.

According to Fox News

Real or not, there may be a lack of support from the Department of Wildlife Conservation.

"Here at the department, we use science to make management decisions, and we do not recognize Bigfoot as a wildlife species in Oklahoma," 

So what do you think. Montana is no stranger to Bigfoot sightings. Think we could dish out some Bigfoot tags? While we are at it, why not create a unicorn season?

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