It's been four years since Aussie rockers Silverchair disbanded and eight years since they released their final album, 'Young Modern.' So what has frontman Daniel Johns been doing in the interim? Undergoing a sort of musical transformation if his new single is any indication. Johns just premiered the new song 'Aerial Love' at Billboard.

The song is a more soulful sounding track, a far stretch from the grunge-filled style of his early days. And it aptly begins with the statement, "Ooh, I'm ready," which marks his recording return.

According to Billboard, the track is leading up to a new EP that Johns will release on March 13, followed by a full-length album expected to drop later this year.

"I try not to look backwards," Johns says of the style shift. "Too many ghosts." The song does have more of an R&B feel to it, but it remains to be seen if that's laying the groundwork for a complete musical shift or whether there's still some rock in the vocalist's repertoire. Look for a video for 'Aerial Love' to follow shortly.

Silverchair broke on the scene in 1995 with their standout debut 'Frogstomp' featuring the monster radio single 'Tomorrow.' Other top singles include 'Pure Massacre,' 'Abuse Me,' 'Anthem for the Year 2000,' 'Ana's Song' and 'Straight Lines.' They issued five albums and won 21 ARIA Awards (the Australian equivalent of the Grammy) during their tenure.

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