We are getting a little freaked out about this year's annual Blaze Ghost Hunt. This year is going to be bigger than ever, as we have secured permission to tour the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. Said to be THE MOST HAUNTED place in Montana. If you would like to be part of this year's investigation, it is simple to audition to be part of the Tortured Souls Investigations team. Simply share with us a story about a creepy experience you have had, or list reasons you should be part of the team, and you might score the chance to join us on October 15th.

Jeff Allen, recently submitted a story about an investigation he did at the Montana State Prison.

I visited the Old Montana Prison on September 24, 2017 with the intention of talking to the ghosts and singing them my own single "Ello Dare-I saw you standing dare." I sang the song to them down in the tunnel where I had heard the most menacing ghost had been encountered. I really wanted to sing the song to them in the theater, but unfortunately it was locked up. I also had a strange experience on the NE side of the cellblock after coming out of the admin. building when I noticed a black blob (only way I can explain it), and then saw that said blob walk/run around the corner. When I was down in the tunnel I heard and picked up a strange sound after finishing my song to the ghosts down there.  I would like to join the team because I am interested to find out if we can pick up what the ghosts actually think of my song "Ello Dare-I saw you standing dare." I am interested to know if ghosts react to comedy/crazy idiots.

Check out Jeff's video blog of his trip to the Old Montana State Prison, and submit your story for a chance to join us on this year's Blaze Ghost Hunt.

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