In a town of less than 5,000, two young men found the perfect setting for their latest creation. Kyle and Zuzu Weingart (Kyle a native of Frenchtown) spent many years in Los Angeles chasing a film-maker's dream, but soon realized Hamilton, Montana is the perfect location for their latest film.

An independent film called "Cuisine de la ‘Pocalypse" has been filming and is hoping to wrap up by mid/late October. The premise of the movie revolves around Missoula and the Bitterroot 10 years after an apocalypse.

“It’s about not letting the end of the world get in the way of your dreams,” says Weingart, and explains that the movie takes place 10 years after the apocalypse, when an aspiring chef in New Missoula decides to create a cooking show. Ultimately, the chef turns hero as he discovers his culinary ability to vanquish humanity’s enemies." -Kyle Weingart (Creator and Director)

If you are interested in volunteering or being an extra in the film, just shoot an email to Nancy Bevins at:

We have seen a heavy flow of celebrities come through the state, even before the era of "Yellowstone", but for the small town of Hamilton, it has been a sweet blessing. Photo Credit: Cam McLeod
Photo Credit: Cam McLeod

When the Yellowstone film crew set up shop, the town was paid $24,000 for the use of two of their buildings. They did use some of that money for this year's fireworks show, which doubled the amount they were predicting to spend.

Credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
Credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Some of the small businesses also saw more traffic come in and out of their store-fronts. In a time when we are all pinching pennies, every little bit helps. In this case, it seems like the cute, low-key town is happy to have the fame. As long as it doesn't overtake their original roots.

cc: NBC Montana, Bitterroot Star

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